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Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers 

Innovations & Experimentation

Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers

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1)    Innovation and Experimentation on teaching of English Spellings to the age group of 9 to 11 years.

2)    An integrated and systematic ICT based approach to strengthen scientific attitude and clarity of concepts in EVS at Primary level

3)    How can be begin to improve handwriting with beginners.

4)    Innovatory Project on Cleanliness in Classroom

5)    Inculcation of habits of reading: An alternate approach.

6)    Problems faced by students and teachers in teaching learning English and its possible solutions.

7)    An attempt to Crack the Code of Physical World

8)    Projects like Benefits of Internet at Global Stage

9)    Plantation of plants and giving students information about plants with their botanical names.

10) To develop scientific temperament, attitude and aptitude, students are given exposure to the various scientific instruments, specimens and experiments





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